Why does every advert or spin try to use Climate Change to promote theyre cause??

The weather systems of the earth have been "Changing" for millions of years...but we have had the "wettest/hottest/dryest summer for over 50 years!!"...get real. I used to (as a kid) be able to walk on the frozen Huntspill Level in the winter and all the talk in the media was about a coming Ice Age...it never came!

Theres money to be made promoting Climate change...big money...Thats why everyone is jumping on the bandwagon...the adverts on British/European TV used to show men being on the wrong end of the joke (you couldnt show a woman...it would be classed sexist....but its OK to do it to men). Nowadays the biggest "Cause" thats likely to make you money is if your product or speech contains either "green themes" or Carbon fingerprinting....What a load of horses cock!!

What causes the greatest carbon emissions on the globe?  Cars?...Planes?...Cows?...Sea algae? or Termites?

You cant tax Sea Algae or Termites....so it must be the fossil fueled transport.